1. Mummy of Hornedijtef Desiree Bartra

3. Olduvai Handaxe Kristina Black

5. Clovis Spear Point Brad Burzumato

8. Egyptian Clay Model of Cattle Stacy Cheshire

9. Maya Maize God Statue Adam Clark

10. Jomon Pot Samantha Clark

13. Indus Seal Amanda Cornelison

15. Early Writing Tablet Rachel Cozart

16. The Flood Tablet Kay-Leigh Crook

25. Gold Coin of Croesus Wes Gittens 34. Chinese Han Dynasty Lacquer Cup William Jordan

42. Gold Coin of Kumaragupta I Kaylee Maxwelll

55. Chinese Tang Dynasty Tomb Figures Nicole Powell

67. Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy Kendall Thacker

73. Inca Gold Llama Jacob Yarbrough

1: Mummy of Hornedjitef

3: Olduvai handaxe

5: Clovis spear point 8: Egyptian clay model of cattle 9: Maya maize god statue 10: Jomon pot 13: Indus seal 15: Early writing tablet 16: Flood Tablet 18: Minoan Bull Leaper 20: Statue of Ramesses II 21: Lachish Reliefs 22: Sphinx of Taharqo 23: Chinese Zhou ritual vessel 25: Gold coin of Croesus 26: Oxus chariot model 27: Parthenon sculpture: Centaur and Lapith 28: Basse Yutz Flagons 29: Olmec stone mask 30: Chinese bronze bell 31: Coin with head of Alexander 33: Rosetta Stone 34: Chinese Han lacquer cup 35: Head of Augustus 38: Ceremonial ballgame belt 39: Admonitions Scroll 40: Hoxne pepper pot 41: Seated Buddha from Gandhara 42: Gold coin of Kumaragupta I 43: Silver plate showing Shapur II 44: Hinton St Mary Mosaic 45: Arabian bronze hand 46: Gold coin of Abd al-Malik 48: Moche warrior pot 49: Korean roof tile 51: Maya relief of royal blood-letting 53: Lothair Crystal 55: Chinese Tang tomb figures 57: Hedwig glass beaker 58: Japanese bronze mirror 59: Borobudur Buddha head 60: Kilwa pot sherds 62: Hebrew astrolabe 63: Ife head 64: The David Vases 67: Icon of the Triumph of Orthodoxy 68: Shiva and Parvati sculpture 69: Sculpture of Huastec goddess 71: Tughra of Suleiman the Magnificent 72: Ming banknote 73: Inca gold llama

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